According to statistics from 100% of our users, only 60% can independently configure the device for proper operation. If you have any difficulties, or you simply have no time to do this, we will do everything ourselves and send you a phone with the installed program.

Step 1 - Agreed Model

We agree with our consultants on the desired model online. To do this, just call the consultant window on the right side of the site.

Step 2 - Payment

After confirmation by us - that this phone will work without failures - pay 50% prepayment right away - in any convenient way for you provided on our website - you can even through your Personal Account (previously agreed with the technical support service)

Step 3 - Delivery

You are waiting for the phone to be enough by mail (7-25 days maximum to the CIS countries). Delivery is discussed personally with each customer (delivery by courier services DHL is possible - it will take from 3 to 5 days).

Online support

For all questions, you can always contact our consultants. Remember! We are people too, the support does not work in those. You can always send your question in the feedback form. We will contact you.

Tariffing (price is in $)


All at onceProgram settings (full functionality) + 1 year subscription + XNUMX/XNUMX technical support + full generation$ 400
Buying a phoneYou agree with us the model of the phone, pay the cost of the selected model + tuning services. Prepaid work possiblePhone model dependent

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