Each one has his own excuse for why he wants to read someone else's SMS message, so it does not make sense to write down the reasons for such a desire. Let's talk better, is this possible? Is it possible to intercept SMS? In the 21st century, nothing is impossible, so the answer is, of course, possible.

How to intercept SMS

To access other people's messages, you need to use a special software called sms interceptor. There are a lot of such programs, but everyone has a general principle of work: you install the program on the phone of the subscriber whose messages you want to read, as well as on your device. The software will intercept SMS messages from the phone and transfer them to the second device, allowing you to read them.

Interception of other people's SMS: moral and legal side of the issue

If, for example, you suspect your soul mate of treason, then you probably want to know who she is chatting with. Putting spyware on her phone is not very nice and dishonest in relation to her, and to any person, because you are entering the zone of his personal space. Therefore, decide for yourself what is more important for you: your own interest or personal space of another person.

If you look at the interception of other people's SMS from the legal side, then, for example, at enterprises, managers are allowed to have access to messages of their employees, but only for the duration of the work process. Using software for personal gain may be punished: in the best case, an administrative fine, in the worst, imprisonment. There are a lot of nuances, so each specific case should be considered separately.

There are times when intercepting SMS is extremely necessary. For example, if you suspect that a certain person may commit a terrorist attack or any crime in general, special services officers have every right to read his SMS.

SMS interceptor: what programs exist

Above, we talked about how to intercept SMS, and you realized that for this purpose you need an SMS interceptor program. There are quite a lot of them

SMS interception using TalkLog

Sms interceptor TalkLog - the essence of this program is simple: you install it on the subscriber's phone, and you yourself go to the service website, where messages will be sent. In addition to reading SMS, TalkLog gives access to the history of a person's mobile browser, allows you to see which applications it installs and removes, when the phone is connected to a charger, turns on and off, etc.

Sms interceptor FlexiSPY

SMS interceptor FlexiSPY - allows you to read SMS and much more. With this spyware, the user will be able to spy on the subscriber using the front camera of his phone, listen to the device, watch the media installed on the subscriber's phone, find out his location, etc.

SMS Trap

A similar program similar to the ones mentioned above. Its distinguishing feature can only be considered that it works even in roaming conditions, that is, when the subscriber is in another country.

In fact, there are many similar programs, and in almost all of them a sms listing is available, but there is software that far exceeds all of the above, and it is called Reptilicus.

Reptilicus SMS Interception Program: Feature Overview

Reptilicus sms interceptor app - the best program for intercepting SMS and more. The program for intercepting SMS Reptilicus is quite multifunctional. And the most interesting thing is that it not only allows you to read mobile sms, but also gives you access to social networks. That is, you can read messages from VK, Facebook, Skype, Viber, and so on.

Reptilicus intercepts messages completely anonymously: the subscriber will not be able to notice signs of the program. With its help, you can archive any messages (SMS, social networks) and even calls!

All data is sent to the user to the specified email. Optionally, you can include in the reports information about the location of the subscriber: that is, he will not only see the message, but also know from what place it was sent.

The Reptilicus SMS interception program also allows you to record ambient sounds: recording is activated according to the timer or forced via the SMS command. In the settings, you can set the time intervals through which Reptilicus will send data on the location of the phone. Tracking can be started and stopped remotely, which is very convenient for those who, for certain reasons, no longer have access to the telephone of the subscriber being monitored. Each smartphone has a microphone: Reptilicus allows you to listen to it at any time.

SMS settings interceptor Reptilicus

Benefits of the Reptilicus program:

  • a large number of functions: all of the above features are only part of what Reptilicus allows you to do;
  • complete anonymity: the program does not show any signs of work, so the subscriber simply will not notice it;
  • convenient control: you can control Reptilicus using simple SMS commands;
  • understandable setup: if you have to tinker with other programs, then things are different with Reptilicus. On the official website of the software you can read the complete guide to its configuration and further use;
  • low cost: anyone can install Reptilicus, because the program is inexpensive, and most importantly, it can be purchased forever, and not just subscribe.

So which SMS interception program to choose?

Above, we examined popular programs that intercept SMS messages. You already realized that the smartest solution is to install Reptilicus. Moreover, that:

  • Firstly, it allows you to read not only SMS, but also messages from all social networks (including unofficial applications such as KateMobile).
  • secondly, it has richer functionality, and there is always an interesting function that you can use. For example, the program has the ability to record telephone conversations, which can very shout in some situations.
  • thirdly, most programs can only be purchased by subscription: that is, you buy a program and pay for it every month. But the developers of Reptilicus offer a more profitable option - to pay once and use the software always! Naturally, the possibility of subscription remains.
  • And the main reason is that the program is still supported: that is, developers are introducing new features, downloading new versions of software, in which they eliminate defects of the old ones, and so on.


So which program to intercept messages to choose? Of course, Reptilicus! For her money, she gives opportunities that are not found in any other program!


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