With the introduction of gadgets, social networks and other technological advances in modern life, the independence of the younger generation has become more than possible. Children like newfound freedom and independence, when parents in a frantic pace of life can not always keep track of them.

Public safety on the streets of the city (or lack thereof) and a high level of crime against children force parents to live in constant anxiety. The decision to strengthen control over them and their lives is quite logical. It is especially justified in matters of the virtual world - social networks.

The issue of parental control is quite sensitive: on the one hand, parents seek to keep track of and protect their children, and on the other hand, obsessive precautions can leave an unexpected imprint of mistrust in relations with the offspring. So, a teenager can declare interference in his personal life, infringement of constitutional rights, lack of respect.

Parental control on a computer for a child’s mobile phone

Reptilicus Parental Control App - Tolerant Solution. The program allows you, without the knowledge of the child, to follow his movements and personal data: phone calls, messages, life on social networks Vk, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and others. All you need to do is set up parental controls on your Android phone. And all the data will come to your account, which you will calmly enter from your personal computer.

Parental control of the Internet using standard Google functionality

Having bought a kid a brand new smartphone or tablet, parents get new experiences: a suspicious child can succumb to the suggestion of marginal peers, instigators, or even fall into the trap of scammers or Internet criminals.

Understanding the fears of parents, Google provided the opportunity to limit purchases and downloads of malicious content on the Play Store. Despite the smooth download or purchase without age restrictions, the parental control function will prohibit or restrict access to specific content.

The answer to the question "How to set up parental control on an Android phone?" simple: launch the Play Store application on the device (smartphone), go to the Menu and select the Settings section, in which to enable the parental control function. There you need to set the filtering of applications, games, films, music and books suitable for the child's age.

You can password-lock access to PIN control settings. This function can be turned on or off without losing the set parameters and changing the PIN code. Parental control can be installed on all android devices, if there are several users, and even set different filters and restrictions for these users.

Enabling Parental Controls on an Android Mobile Phone

Ten years ago, parents were worried about the amount of time they spent in front of a computer, their passion for games, and their interest in adult websites. Today, the problem was reinforced by the mobility presented by gadgets: the child easily gets out of control by taking a tablet and a phone to school or college. Teenagers' love for their best friend - a smartphone with games, communication, and an uncontrolled personal life - can not be called harmless. Especially when entertainment (sometimes unsafe) shortsighted offspring devotes a significant part of the time, neglecting responsibilities and jeopardizing their future.

For restless (read - caring) parents, the developers have released the Reptilicus parental control application. With it, you can track the geolocation data of children, phone calls, read SMS, correspondence on social networks (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and KateMobile for VKontakte). You just need to set up parental control on your Android smartphone - install the Reptilicus app.

The developers promise that parents will be aware of the whereabouts of the child, and the confidence that everything is in order with him will keep peace of mind and ensure the safety of children anywhere and anytime.

Parental control sites

Reptilicus is an application with the function of archiving data on a device (smartphone or tablet based on Android). In addition, you can block applications, for example, during school hours, so that your child cannot use the Internet during lessons and go to the sites of your choice.

The Reptilicus program for monitoring a child also allows you to remotely block or delete data from the device, read and archive messages, gain access to files, delete or download them. The call recording feature can be very useful and effective.

With the program, parents can set up the parental control program on the child's phone, providing unique functions. How do I set parental controls on my phone? - just install Reptilicus.net on your child's Android - and you will know almost everything about him.

Parental controls on an Android mobile phone

The program helps parents avoid anxiety and anxiety about children, because with it, parents will know:

  • with whom did the child communicate and in what period of time
  • content of correspondence and phone calls
  • the exact location of the child

Reptilicus.net is installed without the knowledge of the child on his phone. It has nothing to do with spyware, developers are positioning the brainchild not as a rally for friends intercepting messages on social networks, but as a friendly program that works in stealth and helps in everyday life. Data that may indicate a child’s insecurity will come to the email address specified in the settings.

In addition to all of the above functions, there is one more unique one - the ability to remove the lock password on the child's phone. Or, on the contrary, set a password to unlock the child's phone.

Advantages of Reptilicus over other software

Comparison of parental control programs for android showed that Reptilicus.net provides the best parental control on android.

Among the advantages of the program are the provision of geolocation data with the exact location of the child (the “Locate the phone” function), the content and detail of telephone conversations, and the printing of the child’s correspondence.

Reptilicus.net achieves maximum data protection, contributes to its recovery in case of loss or deletion. This can be done remotely: by command in SMS or by e-mail.

You can download parental control on Android by installing the Reptilicus application on your device or on your child’s smartphone. The application is paid (but there is a free trial period for checking the application’s health), however, in this case the phrase “justifies the means” makes sense.

The direct purpose of the program Reptilicus.net

Reptilicus.net is a unique program that allows you to archive data on the device to protect and save it. By setting parental control on an Android phone, parents achieve the most important goal - to protect and protect their child from external factors.


In cases when a person is driven by strong emotions or feelings, he is not able to give an account of actions, going beyond the boundaries of what is permitted. As an option, the jealous spouse wants to establish “surveillance” for her lover, or the maniac begins to prosecute his potential victim by spying on her. All these listed actions and actions imply the existence of responsibility on the part of the person who commits them.


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