Reptilicus for Windows is an anti-theft program, as well as a logger of all actions performed on a computer running Windows, and this is monitoring incoming and outgoing messages from social networks, monitoring passwords, monitoring the location of a laptop, intercepting data from Internet messengers WhatsApp, VKontakte, Facebook, Viber, Odnoklassniki , Skype, Telegram, as well as having a number of other useful functions such as a real-time screen capture, hidden remote desktop connection and much more ...

With its help, you can easily carry out a full analysis of the actions of what is happening on a controlled computer... Equally important is the fact that even a novice user can handle the installation of our application for monitoring a computer. The program has a completely friendly and intuitive interface


  • Collects data on programs running on a computer
  • Saves everything that was typed on the keyboard
  • Shows user screen and takes screenshots
  • Monitors file system changes
  • Records Internet connections / disconnections
  • Track website visits
  • Monitors inbound and outbound internet traffic
  • Saves clipboard contents
  • Saves a list of user installed programs
  • Tracks messenger messages
  • Provides application statistics, displays a graph of working time efficiency
  • Allows you to connect to an online account and view the user's screen, or a webcam via the Internet (from a computer, tablet or smartphone).

Download and you will receive:

Personal account

Using your personal account, you can always and everywhere monitor the status of monitored computers from your own phone and other devices.

Offline License

Free 7 days offline license. If you wish, you can purchase offline licenses for your computers with a 20 to 25% discount. And if you want to receive data online - use special rates!

Online rates 

Be always aware of the state of the gadget and promptly respond to all changes occurring to your or monitored computer. Real-time control will allow you to always have up-to-date information and control your computer remotely. All that is needed is access to the Internet.


and get the opportunity to use our service in full for 7 days in full RIGHT NOW!

Cost of Using Reptilicus for Windows

The unlimited cost of an offline license for 1 computer - 2890 r

The cost of a license for 2 or more computers implies a discount of 20% to 25% depending on the number of licenses

COST ON ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION (possibility of remote monitoring)