Users of smartphones and various electronic devices are not always distinguished by care and accuracy. They regularly forget or lose their own gadgets in the subway, in stores, and even on the street. In addition, trendy mobiles can be stolen by intruders.

In such cases, you must quickly determine the location of the phone, as well as protect the data stored in it. For this purpose, you can use the solution from

Phone Location

For some, the name “Reptilicus” evokes one association - it is “the most fashionable phone program in 2015”, which allows you to view SMS and calls. In fact, Reptilicus is a multifunctional means of communication and protection of its own mobile device. The unique application allows the following functions:

  • exchange of text messages, audio and video materials through social networks and messengers;
  • long-term storage of personal data and encryption of information from personal pages;
  • archiving of all personal data, photos, audio and video materials;
  • parental control correspondence;
  • monitoring the work of subordinates (allows you to identify communication in social networks during working hours, frequent calls for personal purposes, the whereabouts of employees at the time of the call).

In addition, is used as a means of protection against theft. Such functionality was added by the developer to the application for Android, positioning on phones with a GPS module is very easy to configure. Reptilicus provides the ability to track all the operations that an attacker is trying to perform through a stolen mobile device. What is very important, with the help of the program, the smartphone owner will be able to encrypt data or completely delete it from the SIM card and memory cards (clear the correspondence archive, delete the saved photos).

In addition, Reptilicus users will be able to track the exact coordinates of the location of the phone and inform their law enforcement representatives. And to do this with Reptilicus is as simple as to find out correspondence with WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or KateMobile for VKontakte.

How to set up the phone for tracking?

Phones, smartphones and other mobile gadgets have long been transformed from an ordinary means of communication into an irreplaceable multifunctional device. Their memory stores message archives, saved passwords, a lot of contact information, photos, work notes and personal diaries. Despite this, the loss or theft of such gadgets does not cause much enthusiasm among the police - such personal data have no material value, they are dear only to the owner of the smartphone. Therefore, the question "How to install tracking on the phone?" becomes more and more relevant for owners of mobile devices.

The most effective solution to this problem is to install the Reptilicus application. As a GPS logger and a phone program for locating, allows you to quickly find a mobile device. The application intercepts all outgoing and incoming signals (calls, SMS, MMS-messages), thus revealing the exact location of the device, after which the received information and a detailed report on the activities of the attacker are sent to the email account specified by the smartphone owner.


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