Step 3 - Payment

We pay for the subscription. Remember: the longer the term, the cheaper! You pay for the work of the cabinet! Without a subscription, the account will be inactive, the program will not transfer data.

Online support

For all questions, you can always contact our consultants. Remember! We are people too, the support does not work in those. You can always send your question in the feedback form. We will contact you.

Note! The purpose of the application is to archive information on a mobile phone. It is forbidden to use software for other purposes (to spy on people, obtain information illegally, use to “wiretap”, etc.) If it is necessary to observe a person, he must agree with this and be notified in advance.

If the user violates the above points and uses the program ( for illegal purposes, he automatically violates the law adopted in most world countries. A person who has installed the software on his phone bears material, criminal and spiritual responsibility for its operation. If a person agrees with the information given, this means that he understands what any offenses may lead to.

By his consent, he automatically removes responsibility from the creators of the program for any actions related to its use. The rules provide for registration in the application. The account owner gains access to personal data, has the ability to view video messages, etc.

A subscriber is charged for information services. It is recommended that you keep your password in a safe place so that third parties do not gain access to it. Website visitors cannot purchase this application on it.

The administration of the resource does not cooperate with persons who distribute the software for the purpose of its illegal use. The data presented is a proposal to conclude a transaction. After registering, a person automatically agrees with each item. Recommended to read contract offer before operating the software.

The program - a logger for incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, location, as well as the Internet - WhatsApp messenger, VKontakte (official application + Kate mobile), Facebook, Viber, Odnoklassniki, Skype - is

With its help, it will not be difficult to conduct a remote lock or delete all data from the phone, if it is stolen.

You can also read messages, since this is almost the only application today that can archive the main Runet messengers.

Equally important will be open access to the file system on the phone, both downloading and deleting any of them remotely.

Along with it, you can generate application names yourself, they will not have to be searched on the Internet anymore.

The name will be chosen independently in any of the systems - android-system or moy-telefon.apk.


Working in completely hidden mode, the program opens up a number of unique opportunities for users:

  • read VK messages;
  • send according to the established schedule incoming and outgoing SMS to the email address that is indicated;
  • archive calls and SMS on the site;
  • send notifications about all calls, indicating the subscriber’s number, time and duration of the call, to e-mail;
  • include in the report information about the place where the working phone is;
  • record in audio files of telephone conversations, with a notification attachment;
  • record ambient sounds according to the timer, or forced by SMS;
  • at certain intervals, send coordinates about the location of the phone;
  • remotely start / stop phone monitoring by SMS message, indicating keywords;
  • remotely start or stop microphone recording by SMS and keywords;
  • record from the line;
  • Email audio files
  • read archive, archive online messages from instant messengers VKontakte, WhatsApp, Classmates, Viber, Kate Mobile, etc. (root including).
  • remotely enable or disable GPS on Android 2.2 and 4.1 (partially), WiFi / GPRS - sent SMS containing keywords.

And this is not a complete list of those truly unique abilities that this program fully possesses

We offer a fully customized solution for building your own business for the resale of services (white label reselling)