The development of technology and the rapid development of society is no longer possible without mobile phones (smartphones). Any phone owner runs the risk of losing or worse stealing a mobile phone. Everyone can meet such an unpleasant situation at any time, such cases cannot be predicted.

With the advent of devices such as androids and iphone, the number and extent of theft of mobile devices is growing rapidly. Therefore, protecting your phone from theft is simply necessary to protect yourself from such incidents. If for some reason you are among the people from whom you stole a smartphone, you should know that specialized anti-theft programs for android have been developed that can protect the device from loss or theft.

Protect your phone from theft

About whether it is possible to track the phone, which is already stolen, we will talk further. The easiest and most common method is to call your number, perhaps you just dropped the smartphone that someone later found and returned it. There are also special stickers with your number, which they should call when they find your android. The world is not without good people, such cases do happen. There are still unusual trinkets that respond to the whistle of the owner, provided that the smartphone is nearby.

Modern androids have tremendous capabilities and are equipped with many different functions, a large number of applications are constantly being released on them, including a program for finding and determining the location of the phone, which connects to the stolen device, and also help in finding a smartphone. Thanks to such programs, it is really possible to track down the location and the path of movement of the stolen device through the built-in GPS receiver, WiFi and even GPRS positioning.

In addition to their direct task, applications for finding a lost android can be used to monitor the location of your children (function "parental control"). Also, all such programs have a number of auxiliary features, due to which all functions of a stolen device are remotely blocked, as well as to restrict viewing of information stored on the device.

How to check your phone for theft

If you became the owner of not a new, but a used phone, you should definitely check your smartphone for theft. The world of technology is now so developed that such a check is not difficult. Each mobile phone has an IMEI number, it is individual. On it and you can perform a check.

The IMEI number is located under the barcode, which can be found if you remove the cover of the device and remove the battery. The resulting set of numbers in the amount of 14 or 15 is the personal IMEI of your mobile device. You can also simply dial * # 06 # from your phone, a personal number will appear on the screen. Next, we find a special base for checking IMEI. There are a lot of such services on the Internet. It is enough to enter IMEI and see if it is in the stolen database.

Phone Protection Software

To find and protect a stolen smartphone, a special program has been created for protection and far from one. There are already quite a lot of such programs, and they differ from each other in the number of functions, the frequency of updates, support for a particular version of the OS on Android, and there are both free and paid ones. Usually there are two versions of the same program: paid has a full package of functions and free with minimal functions.

Anti-Theft Phonelocator Pro

The Phonelocator smartphone anti-theft program has a large selection of functions for finding, protecting and blocking the device if it is stolen or lost.

In addition to the main options, there is also a remote camera and GPS connection. The program runs invisibly to the owner and is deleted only after entering the access code.

PhoneSearch Program

Protecting your smartphone from theft PhoneSearchPhoneSearch - the application is easy to use, but it is not inferior to similar programs. Works with GPS and Wi-Fi. The application features allow you to determine the coordinates of the smartphone using the web interface and by mail.

Smartphone Protection Service Prey Anti-Theft

Antivirus android applications for smartphone protection Prey Anti-TheftPrey Anti-Theft is considered a set of programs for finding a phone via GPS and Wi-Fi. The program has the function of sending SMS, if the SIM card is replaced, it protects the application from deletion, it has the option to sound the siren.

There are complex applications that include anti-theft functions, and also perform the functions of an antivirus, in most cases such programs are paid. For example, the “Anti-theft” option from Dr.Web blocks the phone after restarting the display of the smartphone. Kaspersky Mobile Security sends a new SIM card number to the specified address. Avast! Mobile Security, by the way is completely free, has the most extensive list of options.

Reptilicus is the best anti-theft software for android

Of great interest is the Reptilicus application. This is a program-logger of calls, SMS, MMS and location. Applications perform their functions in stealth mode.

Reptilicus antivirus options:

  • the access code to the program is constantly changing; all messages are sent to the necessary e-mail;
  • there is an archive on the site with messages and calls;
  • The report includes data on the coordinates of the location of the device;
  • recording environmental sounds over time;
  • start and disable GPS remotely via SMS;
  • starting and turning off WiFi / GPRS at a distance via SMS;
  • block mobile remotely via SMS;
  • device lock remotely internet;
  • blocking installed applications remotely;
  • blocking applications remotely by the time period (for example, from 10-00 to 15-00 you can not use the Google Market);
  • location detection using Wi-Fi;
  • the program performs its functions according to the schedule;
  • all device manipulations are displayed on the site;
  • The device can be controlled via GPRS, SMS and by sending SMS from the site.

Free antivirus application or paid?

As a rule, to get the full range of functions of such programs, you need to pay money, you can certainly use the free versions, but with a meager list of options, but the protection will not be reliable enough. Although not all free means bad. Let's see how much the average cost of protecting your mobile device can be.

For example, if you take Avast! Mobile Security, then all the functions are absolutely free, but there is a premium version, it costs about 400 rubles a year, there is only added the option of a photo of a thief and recording his voice. But Kaspersky provides almost all the functions for 150 rubles per year and does not even have such a function as giving a sound siren. And there are programs for which you need to pay up to $ 3 per month.


In general, the choice is large and the range of prices, too. Everyone will already pick up what is needed. The Reptilicus phone protection program discussed in this article costs quite a bit. Read more about tariffs and service packages on the Payment page.


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