The best ways to track someone without their consent

The best ways to track someone without their consent

How can you track a person by his phone in 2023 without him knowing about it? Is it even possible to track by phone number without consent? Is this a myth or reality? What do I need to do? You will find answers to all these questions in this article. And if something is not clear, immediately write to our online consultants. They respond in real time, in the “ask-answer” format.

Many people are interested in the question of how to track a phone number without consent and is it really possible to do it? The answer is unequivocal - yes, it is possible and it really works. The surveillance will be hidden and unnoticeable. After all, Android allows you to do this! But ... let's start from the beginning and describe the best ways to track a person without his consent through his mobile phone.

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Attention! We would like to warn you that no matter what method you would use - in any case, tracking the phone without the consent of the subscriber is an illegal action. It can lead to punishment, ranging from a monetary fine for moral damage caused, ending with a real prison sentence for secret surveillance.


An affordable way is to connect the service of mobile operators

Most cellular operators have a fee-based service that allows you to track your mobile phone online. Concerned parents and jealous spouses take advantage of them.

Any mobile operator, in order to prevent the ability to track the location of a cell phone without the consent of the subscriber, offers to receive a response SMS stating that the subscriber agrees to determine his coordinates.

But as the saying goes, “if you can't, but you really want to, then you can,” and therefore it is quite within the power of an ordinary person to bypass this conditional permission. You need to get a phone for a while and send this consent yourself. However, it is better to just talk to the person and say in a confidential conversation that you are worried about him and want to always see where he is.

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The Easy Way 2023 - Install Tracker Apps

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of applications that can determine the coordinates and position themselves as a "tracker by phone number online". In most cases, they are free and are suitable for parental control over the movement of their child.

If you want to track the phone number without consent, then the child's phone will have to be taken secretly. But, such programs are visible and work in open mode. There you can chat in a family chat and see all family members on the map. Therefore, it is better to talk to your child and inform that you as a parent should know where he goes after school. That there is nothing "such" here and this is the usual location tracking. That this does not in any way infringe on his rights.

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A way in case of hopelessness is to look at coordinates in instant messengers

Some instant messengers and social networks allow you to track your phone number for free. Today Telegram, Viber, Vatsap and Vkontakte can do this.

These instant messengers and social networks allow you to track the location of the phone, but only with consent, since the interlocutor must provide you with access to his coordinates. Only after that you will be able to see where the interlocutor is while you are chatting with him.

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A really working way is to install a multifunctional program

Full-fledged programs for tracking the location of the phone without the consent of the subscriber in 2023 are tracking programs that, after installation, hide from the phone screen. They work in the background and do not show their activity in any way. Automatically collect data and also automatically forward it.

These programs can be installed discreetly... In addition, you can on the site download installation guide, which is written specifically for the user and therefore each step is shown in the pictures.

But again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that covert surveillance of the telephone is illegal. This will be mentioned both during the installation of these programs and during their use. You will be periodically reminded that covert surveillance is illegal. The vast majority of these programs were originally intended for their own Androids, so that you can:

  • find a lost phone;
  • track the coordinates of a stolen phone;
  • track your route of movement;
  • see where and when the SIM card was changed;
  • see where and when you received calls;
  • archive your own calls, photos and correspondence.

It was then that people began to independently use such programs as spyware that can track by phone number online without consent. In other words: installed - hidden - look.

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Free way - track your phone for free

As they say, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, it will be possible to track the location by phone number for free through the installed antivirus, requests to Google and in the phone's routing history in its very settings.

YOU yourself grant the rights to track your phone to an antivirus (however, it will do it without your consent) or a search engine. Then you quietly admire: "It's great that he quickly finds the buildings, parks or cafes you need and so quickly makes his way from your home." And then you are indignant why your route has become available to others.

However, you can track your phone for free without the permission of the subscriber through tracker programs. But you have to go through a bunch of available ones and find one that will do it for free. But, then do not be surprised that after any update, the program stops functioning. Nobody will improve the program for free. Paradoxically, but programmers also want to eat.



Non-working way - track phone by IMEI

We have already written more than once that tracking a subscriber without his consent, knowing his IMIE, is impossible. This is a myth and nothing more. This can be done only in purely exceptional cases and only with the involvement of special bodies and services, upon special requests.

But all the same, almost every day they write to our consultants and ask: "How can you find out the location of a person without his knowledge by having a phone?" Once again we answer: "You cannot do this in any way."




To summarize all of the above:

1. How to track a phone number without the consent of the subscriber in 2023? - install the Reptilicus program on his phone, which after installation makes it possible to hide the icon from the screen.

2. Is it possible to follow a phone number without the consent of the subscriber? - yes, it is possible and for this there are services of mobile operators, tracker programs and full-fledged tracking programs.

3. Is it possible to trace the phone without the consent of the subscriber for free? - yes, it is possible through instant messengers and social networks, through the antiviruses installed on that phone, and also to find programs on the Internet that provide phone coordinates for free.


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