ATTENTION! The program was created to back up data on the user's Android phone. It is forbidden to use the software for covert surveillance without informing the user. Using software ( for the purpose of surveillance, secret surveillance, espionage, obtaining information behind the scenes, "wiretapping" and others - you violate the laws of almost all countries of the world. All responsibility (criminal, moral, spiritual) when using this software lies with the person who installs the software.

By agreeing with what has been read, the user understands the full gravity of the offense and thereby relieves the author of this software of all responsibility for actions that in one way or another will be related to the use of this product.

The subscription fee is debited from user accounts for the provision of information services (access to personal information, viewing one's own messages and other data). It is forbidden to transfer the personal password from the account to third parties.

The site does not sell software and is in no way connected with persons selling applications for tracking, espionage, etc.

Everything stated on this page is an offer contract, by registering on this site the user accepts it and accepts each item.

Public offer contract and privacy policy

All users must accept the terms of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy set forth below.

General terms

You must use the software only for lawful purposes under federal, state or local law. You agree to use the apps and services for purposes consistent with federal, state or local law, and to review federal, state or local law to ensure that your activities are legal.

It is an offense to install a surveillance application on an Android mobile phone that you do not have the proper authorization for. does not provide services or software for illegal use. You represent that you are the legal owner of the mobile phone or other device on which the Program will be installed, or that you have written permission from the owner of the mobile phone or device to install the Program. We are not responsible for the misuse of the product by the user, which is contrary to the terms of the user agreement. You also agree that you are not entitled to any compensation for any claims brought against you in connection with the use of our software.

We provide software with no quality guarantee. We are not responsible for any damage, lawsuits or legal difficulties that may arise, and we do not guarantee the absence of omissions, errors or other problems in the applications. We keep data about all our customers confidential.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it in accordance with this Policy. This Policy indicates the composition of the information that we can receive from you or which you can provide by visiting (our website), as well as the procedure for collecting, using, storing, protecting and transmitting information.

1. The effect of this Policy applies to the information we receive:

a) on this site.

b) in emails, text messages and other electronic communications between you and this site.

c) when you contact the support department for any reason.

2. The effect of this Policy does not apply to information received:

a) by us in any other way, including affiliated websites.

b) or third parties, including through any application or content (including advertising) that may be linked to or available from the site. Third parties such as payment processing and background check companies may have their own Privacy Policy different from this one; please check with her.

3. Disagreement with the privacy policy.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or the general terms, you may not use our website or software. By accessing or using this site or program, you agree to the Privacy Policy and general terms. This Policy is subject to change without notice. Your continued use of this site or software will be deemed acceptance of the changes, so please check these documents periodically for updates.

4. Disclaimer.

The user of the software is fully responsible for the accuracy and compliance with all applicable laws in his jurisdiction regarding the use of the software. If in doubt, consult with a lawyer before using the program. By downloading and installing the software, you acknowledge that it will only be used legally. Recording text messages of other people and other phone activity or installing on another person’s mobile phone without his knowledge may be considered illegal activity in your jurisdiction. is not responsible for any misuse or damage to the product.

5. Children under 18 years old.

Our site is not intended for children under the age of 18 (eighteen). No one under the age of 18 may post any information on the website or download software. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18 years of age. If you have not reached the age of 18, do not register, do not use or post information on this site, do not perform any operations on the site and do not provide us with your personal data. If we find out that we have received personal information about a child under the age of 18 without witnessing the consent of the parents, this information will be deleted.

If you believe that we may have received any information from or about a child under the age of 18, please contact us at

Information we receive about you and how it is collected.

We collect various information about users of our site, which includes:

  1. Personal data by which you can be identified, such as name, postal address, email address or phone number;
  2. Date of birth, gender and relationships with third parties;
  3. User settings, Internet connection, operating system, browser, equipment that you use to access the site, etc.

We get this information:

  1. Directly from you when you provide it;
  2. Automatically when you navigate on the site. Information obtained automatically may include usage details, IP addresses and information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies.
  3. From third parties, for example, our business partners.
  4. Log files and cookies.

This website uses an industry standard analytics package that automatically collects brief information about our website visitors and stores this anonymous information in server log files. This information may include IP addresses, browser type, basic IP information about pages, operating system used, and date/time. This information does not identify individual users, it is only used for the administration of the site and for analyzing website usage and trends.

In addition, cookies may be used to provide easier and faster access to site features such as logins and/or return visits. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on personal computers for links. We do not link the information we store in cookies to any personal information you provide while on our website.

We use both session IDs and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire when the browser is closed, and persistent cookies can remain on your hard drive for an extended period. Session cookies make it easier to navigate our site. Persistent cookies can do things like save your password for forums or blogs so you don't have to log in each time you visit them, and/or can be used to allow us to track and identify the interests of our users in order to improve our site.

We do not have access or control over cookies used by any advertisers on our website.

1. Information that you provide to us.

The information that we collect on our website or with its help may include:

  1. Information that you provide by filling out forms on the site. This includes information provided during registration on the site, posting information, requesting services, participating in conversations on a forum or in a chat. We may also request information from you when reporting a problem with our site.
  2. Reports and copies of your letters (including email addresses) if you contact us.
  3. Information about the operations that you perform through our website.
  4. Your search queries on the site.
  5. Use of information.

We use the information that we collect about you or which you provide, including personal data, for:

  1. Presenting you our site and its content.
  2. Providing you with information, products or services that you request from us.
  3. Perform any other action for which you provide it.
  4. Providing you with notifications about the status of your account, including notifications of expiration and renewal.
  5. Fulfillment of obligations and observance of our rights arising from any agreements concluded between you and us, including for invoicing and collection.
  6. Notifications to you about changes on our website or any products and services that we offer or provide through it.
  7. Other purposes specified when you provide information.
  8. Any other purpose with your consent.
  9. Information transfer.
  10. We can provide summary information about our users and information that does not allow us to identify ourselves, without restrictions.
  11. We may also transfer your personal data for:

a) Fulfillment of any court order, law, or court process, including in response to any government or regulatory request.

b) Compliance or application of the general conditions.

c) If we believe that the transfer of data is necessary or appropriate to protect the rights, property or security of the site, our users and other persons.

  1. Access and change information.
  2. You can view and make changes to your personal data by logging in to the site and visiting your profile page.
  3. You can also contact us by e-mail at to request access, correct or delete any personal information that you provided to us. We cannot delete your personal data without deleting your account. We cannot implement the application for changing information if we believe that this change will be a violation of the law or legal requirements or provide incorrect information.
  4. Data security.
  5. Using the opportunity provided by us (or choosing) to set a password for access to certain sections of our website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this password. We ask you not to tell anyone your password.
  6. Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. Although we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of your personal data transmitted to our website. Responsibility for any transfer of personal data lies with you. We are not responsible for circumventing the privacy settings or security measures in force on the site.

2. Changes to the Privacy Policy.

Any changes we make to this Privacy Policy are posted on this page. The date of the last revision of the Privacy Policy is displayed at the top of the page. You are responsible for periodically visiting our site and viewing this Privacy Policy in order to check for changes.

3. Blocking users.

The service has the right to completely or partially block users without notice, as well as if internal filters and algorithms suspected the use of the service for other purposes. We are under no obligation to tell you the specific facts on which our decision is based.

Refund Policy

1. General conditions.

This Policy defines the conditions for your purchase of the subscription, a smartphone monitoring service. Please read it carefully before completing your order, as it sets out your rights to purchase, including important limitations and exceptions. Your placement of the order confirms your acceptance of the terms of this Policy.

If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase of software and services, you can get your money back under the conditions described below. Nevertheless, we believe that most of the refund can be avoided if you get professional help from our specialists.

2. Refund policy.

2.1. According to the terms of this Refund Policy, you may be entitled to a full refund within 3 days after the day of purchase, if your reasons do not contradict the terms of this Refund Policy.

2.2. Refund will not be possible after the return period.

2.3. Your money can only be returned once. If you purchase another subscription at a later date, this payment will not be refundable.

2.4. Any purchase of a discounted subscription is non-refundable.

2.5. Refunds are not available if the customer refuses to update the version of in case the update is performed on the target phone.

2.6. Force majeure circumstances.

A refund is not provided in the case of the presentation of reasons beyond our control. These are:

 - The target phone cannot connect to the Internet (the phone has run out of funds, is out of network coverage, roaming issues, etc.).

 - The target phone user changes mobile operator, which results in a partial or complete loss of Internet connection and, consequently, does not work properly.

 - Android OS update.

 - Restore factory settings.

 - The client refuses the help of the support service in installing the program, denying the obvious facts of the ease of download.

 - Personal reasons (“I don’t need it anymore”, “I changed my mind”, “I bought it by mistake”, etc.).

 - The client does not have physical access to the phone (customers are notified on the website that they need unrestricted physical access to the phone that will be monitored). If the customer purchases this program and does not have unlimited access (including codes, passwords, etc.) to the monitored phone, then we are not responsible for reimbursement.

 - The client did not receive previous data due to the fact that the program was not originally installed on the target phone.

3. Refund procedure.

All refund requests must be submitted to our technical support department at Applications made via online chat or by phone will not be accepted. The decision on whether to make a return is made within one or two business days. In the event of a dispute, you will be required to provide valid reasons and examples to substantiate your claim.

For all disputed applications, you are given 14 days to resolve the situation with the support manager. If you are unable to provide us with the necessary information during this period, the dispute will be automatically closed.

Failure to provide information necessary to resolve the dispute within 14 days will lead to the cancellation of the application, after which the refund will not be possible.

4. Information retention policy.

The purpose of this Policy is to consolidate the rules for storing user information. This Policy applies to all customers using the software. It covers all user data provided and collected while using the application. All of the above data is stored by us during the life cycle of the application, as well as another 90 days after the expiration of the user account. 90 days after the expiration of the account, we will delete all data associated with your account, including received reports, text and media data. This information cannot be retrieved.

The public offer contract and privacy policy are subject to change at any time without notice to users.