Reliable protection of personal information, as well as the protection of personal data on the phone - this is a need to avoid a lot of unnecessary problems.

Currently, information protection methods are represented by a huge number of programs. Unfortunately, not all methods of information protection are quite effective. But there is a special application for smartphones with the Android system, with which the maximum security of personal data is achieved.

Storage and protection of personal data

The main function and purpose of the Android Reptilicus application is to protect information. It is designed specifically to prevent unauthorized access to the phone, as well as to manage its data from a distance.

Archiving data on a smartphone is easily explained by its wide functional potential. Ease of control, speed, compactness, a solid amount of memory that can be further expanded - all this is the reason that modern mobile phones are widely used both for working with large amounts of data and for storing them.

It should be noted that the security of data stored on the phone is critically low. The bulk of the information is, of course, obtained by direct use of the phone for its intended purpose - messages, calls, voice recordings of important telephone conversations and contacts. This can also include multimedia files, and information received from the global network.

Storage of information on the phone or maximum protection of personal data?

Do not forget that storing information on the phone is not only completely ineffective, but also a dangerous method. To begin, consider the effectiveness. The number of files intended for storage has a constant tendency to increase. When it exceeds a hundred, it will become very difficult to find the necessary information. Therefore, the processing of personal data is not the last place in ensuring the comfortable use of the device.

There is also a risk of the device breaking down due to mechanical damage or contact with water, the smartphone can be lost or it can be stolen. This is not of particular importance, because in the end, the information will be lost forever, and the protection of personal data is reduced to zero.

In order for personal data protection to have a maximum degree of efficiency, it is necessary to choose reliable means of information protection.

The main potential of the Reptilicus application, which aims to protect personal information, is represented by a set of commands sent via SMS or e-mail. Each team has its own function. It is curious that this program can send duplicates of sent and received messages from a smartphone to a specified email address, information protection in networks is also possible.

The capabilities of the Reptilicus program are great - for example, a dictaphone recording of an important conversation can be instantly sent to e-mail. Duplication of data is the best protection of information. Having a copy of valuable information, surviving the loss of a smartphone is much easier.

If the phone is in the hands of detractors, then with the help of simple SMS commands sent to the device, it becomes possible to erase the necessary information from memory remotely. This applies not only to the information located directly on the phone, but also to the contents of memory cards.

Personal data archiving - the best protection for sensitive information

The function of “archiving personal data” in the Reptilicus application allows you to store copies of messages from your phone and popular messengers. If there is an immediate need, they can be re-read or processed.

All of the above features are not a complete list of the advantages of this application. Additional features include the protection of personal data on the Internet.


Under any circumstances, even if you do not need the protection of classified information, the Reptilicus application will increase the productivity of storing and searching for the necessary data, help to organize and keep it in perfect order. In addition, the application will help you in the search for a stolen phone.


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