6 ways to read other people's posts on VK

6 ways to read other people's posts on VK

There are a lot of situations when it is necessary to read someone else's correspondence in VK. It also controls the correspondence of children, especially when they are in their teens. This is a test of loyalty to spouses or loving people who are just about to be contacted by marriage. This is corporate control over the correspondence of employees. And many many others.

And if the quarrel and boyfriend / girlfriend intentionally start to “hang up” on the Internet? Here, the desire to read a friend’s correspondence in VKontakte becomes simply irresistible. I want to get into the phone or computer, and smash everything there to hell. But ... it is impossible, and it remains only to torment oneself with suspicions.

What for? For this, there are various ways and applications that allow you to read other people's correspondence in the VK. You just need to carefully study them and decide which way you want to do this. And to make it easier for you to make a choice, we wrote this review.

So, let's take a closer look at 6 ways to read someone else's correspondence on VKontakte: free, paid, hacking and a special program.

6 ways to read someone else's VKontakte correspondence in 2023

Method 1. Special programs

We will dwell on how to read other people's VKontakte messages. As YOU have already guessed that without installing the program, other people's VK messages will not be available to you. Therefore, we remember once and for all: if you want to receive information, install a specialized interceptor software there. He will intercept all correspondence, copy it and present it to you for reading.

To date, the best application to read other people's messages in VK is Reptilicus - download can be directly from the site. This program is for VK to read other people's messages, see all photos, listen to voice, phone calls, see the location of a person and much more.

This is a full-fledged interceptor of absolutely all actions performed by a person on his phone: automatic screenshots, interception of keystrokes, notifications, SMS and so on.

Before reading correspondence in VK in 2023, you need to pick up the phone on which this correspondence is conducted and:

  1. Register https://www.izakayasushilounge.com.
  2. Download for free and install the program.
  3. Customize (yes detailed guide) and restart the phone.

This application, to read other people's messages in the VC, does not even require Root rights. Since you can track through screenshots of the screen.

Of course, with Root rights there will be much more functionality and correspondence will come in the form of text, but if you can’t root the phone, you should not despair. Automatic screenshots of VK chat are a unique opportunity to read someone else’s correspondence without Root rights.


Nice bonuses and guarantees

On our site you can:

  • free download the program;
  • read someone else’s correspondence in VK for free throughout the test period;
  • Download the detailed manual for free;
  • free use of round-the-clock technical support;
  • bind 1 (!) phones to one account at once;
  • pay for an account by day, month, half a year and a year (the longer the validity period, the more profitable).

We give a 100% guarantee on the absolute protection of your data in your offices. We have more than 9 years of work behind us, our real users have left more than 2000 pages of feedback in the w4bsit1-dns.com forum. We have more than 300 million downloads, 200 thousand of which are for parental control of children, and XNUMX thousand downloads are for corporate control of employee correspondence.

The site has online consultants who work almost around the clock and answer questions instantly. This is a serious 100% way to read someone else's correspondence on VKontakte in 2023.


Method 2. By unique ID

Each user of the social network VKontakte has a unique identification code ID. This, so to speak, is the address or passport of your page. Knowing these numbers, you can find any user on VKontakte. You just need to add its serial number to https://vk.com/id.

Sounds simple and tempting, doesn't it? But in fact, is everything so cloudless and is it possible to read other people's messages in a contact, knowing only its ID number?

Social network developers are very careful about their offspring, because they bring them a lot of money. To protect against cyber attacks, hackers and various hacks, considerable expenses are incurred. And if you decide that reading someone else’s correspondence in VK for free through a user ID is really possible, then you are deeply mistaken. If it were so easy, then there could be no talk of any secret of personal correspondence.


Method 3. Hack the page

Oh hacking! What a beckoning word. It like a magnet attracts naive lovers and jealous spouses to seasoned scammers. The dialog is something like this:

- How to hack Vkontakte messages?
- Very simple, you pay, we hack.
- Can you even pull out deleted correspondence?
- Yes, of course, it's easier than a steamed turnip, because the service has an archive.

And you believe and give them money for hacking, and wait a day, a week, a month. And only then you finally understand that you were simply deceived.

No, we do not categorically say that it is impossible to crack messages in VK. Can. But then you have to find a working hacker who will take such money for hacking that you can buy a good car. Yes, and this action is very illegal and could threaten a real prison term.


Method 4. Without installing the program

You do not want to install any programs on your phone or on the other. And you start looking on the Internet like this: "how to read VKontakte correspondence without installing programs." Tireless search engines, of course, will find such methods for you. Here is the most common:

  1. Visit the site of this service.
  2. Drive into the window the phone number to which the page you are interested in is bound.
  3. Fill out the form - full name of the victim.
  4. And, if necessary, specify the ID of the page you need.

The service immediately gives you his photo (avatar). “Oh - you think - this is his picture, for sure, wow, it works! What should be done next? " That's it, they swallowed the bait, now it only remains to hook the fish.

You will be given an amount for the service (which you obviously did not expect) and they immediately offer an alternative free option - send a free SMS to such and such a number and you will be given correspondence.

SMS is certainly not free, they will withdraw money from you (small so that YOU do not swear and raise a tantrum because of them). That's all. Complete silence. As they say, with the world on a thread, a fraudster to a summer house in the Maldives.


Method 5. Freeware

Free cheese happens ... and then you know. However, hundreds of thousands of people monthly drive into the search “how to read correspondence in VK for free” and Google and Yandex give out hundreds of offers and free programs.

Suppose you found a similar program on the Internet and were glad that now you know how to read someone else’s correspondence in Contact for free and that it is really possible. For this you need:

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Enter the name of the right person.
  3. Download the program to your phone or computer.

Then you will see something similar on your device:

Believe me, after that, you won’t even have a thought about how to read a friend’s correspondence in VKontakte. YOU will be completely absorbed in the problem of how to return your smartphone or PC and the thought of the ill-fated free cheese that you yourself know where.


Method 6. Via the Chrome browser (Windows) or Kate Mobile (Android)

Is it possible to read correspondence in VK so that messages are not read? Yes you can. If Vkontakte is on the computer, then through the Chrome web browser. If on the phone, then through the mobile version of Kate Mobil.

Reading messages on VK via PC:

  1. Go to the PC on the page and right-click on the message.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click on “View item code” or “Inspect”.
  3. On the keyboard, click on → or through the left button, click on the triangle.

Thus, you can read the correspondence in the Contact, but the messages will remain unread. Attention! Just do not click on the message with the left mouse button - it will immediately be marked as read.

Now about how to view the correspondence on VKontakte so that messages remain “unread” on the smartphone. This can be done through Kate Mobile for Vkontakte. For this:

  1. We go to the desired account and click on 3 points (menu).
  2. Go to Settings - Online (invisible) - Close unread (always)
  3. Exit the menu.

It makes no sense to paint these methods more. YOU already understood how to read messages in VKontakte and at the same time leave them unread.



We have described to you in detail how to read a stranger's VK correspondence in 2023. As you already understood, methods 2 to 6 are more of a farce, delusion and an opportunity to make money from myths that persist on the Internet. And no one is going to dispel them. It's profitable to make money out of thin air.

We specifically paid so much attention to them so that YOU understand and no longer ask how to read someone else’s correspondence in VKontakte free or without installing programs - there is no way to do it! This is a fraud and nothing more.
You can read other people's SMS in VK only after installing a specialized application. We talked about one, proven and reliable service.

Installing the program is not difficult. There are consultants and a detailed guide. So if you need VKontakte correspondence and you need to read other people's messages, then just install Reptilicus.


For your questions - our consultants will answer!



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