5 ways to track your husband by phone number

5 ways to track your husband by phone number

Do you want to calculate your husband by phone number - is he at work or at his mistress? You need to find out his location, what he is talking about and with whom he is chatting? We offer 5 ways to track your husband by phone number without consent.


Is it possible to track my husband by phone number without consent? Yes, of course you can. In the age of total surveillance, this has become quite easy. Developers of specialized programs let you know with 100% certainty - where the person is located by phone number, what he writes and with whom he talks not only by phone, but also near his phone.

Why do I need to calculate my husband by phone number?

No one can ever give a definite answer. It depends on the huge number of nuances of family life, the internal relations of spouses and the percentage of love, trust and jealousy. But, if the wife had a question about how to calculate her husband by phone number, then something went "wrong." Though find out where the husband is and what he is talking about sometimes it is also necessary for its own safety.

Sometimes wives think about how to calculate their husband by phone number, not just because of jealousy and mistrust. For example, recording a telephone conversation will allow you to have a powerful argument in case of an unusual situation. If you installed the wiretap with the consent of your husband, then these files can be presented in court or in official proceedings as evidence.

In the same way, the ability to know the husband’s location by phone number will allow always know where the husband is - This is especially true if he is on a business trip in a foreign city or travels a lot around the line of service.

Those wives who worry about his well-being also think about how to track a husband by phone number. For example, a husband “joins” a foreign team, his boss called him, or he is talking with dealers about selling an apartment - recording ambient sound through a microphone will allow record husband’s conversations near the phone (in the office, car, apartment and other enclosed spaces).

In this article we will talk about how to track your husband by Android phone number via the Internet, how the program is installed and how it works.

Our specialized Reptilicus Logger, which must be installed on an Android phone, will allow you to track almost all the actions performed on this phone. This is full control of the phone.:

  • recording telephone conversations;
  • screenshots of the screen (at least every 10 seconds);
  • round-the-clock location;
  • remote microphone on (recording environment);
  • remote camera photography;
  • View photos stored on your phone
  • interception of photos that are deleted after viewing;
  • reading regular SMS messages;
  • reading correspondence from social networks and instant messengers;
  • View internal phone folders
  • viewing the list of contacts (former and newly added);
  • View incoming notifications that come in the curtain;
  • keyboard interception (keylogger);
  • and much more.

Briefly about how to track down a husband by phone number - the program is installed on the husband’s phone - collects data - transfers to the office - the data is viewed by the wife. Now about this and another in more detail.

How to track your husband by phone number using the program

Before that, how to track a husband by phone number, necessary - register on the site. Your personal account will open where all the information collected by the program will come. Application registration and working conditions can be found here..

The site has a detailed Walkthrough in pictures - you need to strictly install the application on it. After you install and configure the application, be sure to do the actions on the phone itself, which are described at the end of the Guide.

If for some reason you cannot independently install the application on the phone you need, you can use the service “Buy a ready-made phone»- we buy, install, reset to factory settings, pack in a box and ship to the specified address.

If you thought about how to track your husband by phone number without consent, so you want to conduct covert control over who he is talking to / talking about and texting with, and also see his location on the map. Why do you need this? We will not even think about it - this is your personal business. Read morality about jealousy and trust, too, will not. We just want to warn that tracking a person without his consent is illegal under the Criminal Code of many countries of the world. Therefore, before you satisfy your desire to quietly monitor your husband - think about it.

So, we offer you 5 proven ways to track your husband by phone number.

Method 1. How to locate the husband by phone number

You can check your husband’s location by phone number in different ways. For this, the program functionality has various modes. Use only one mode or all at once - it is at your discretion.

Option 1. How to see the husband’s location around the clock by phone number

This function will allow see husband’s location by phone number around the clock at regular intervals. Here you can set the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours. In the office, the “Location by interval” tab will receive phone coordinates every, for example, 5 minutes.

Option 2. How to track a husband by phone number at a given time

This is the most accurate and most demanded geolocation mode. You send the command “Get Phone Position” from your account at any time you need and the phone is immediately displayed on the map.

Option 3. Determining the location of the husband with the phone turned on

There are different functions here which will allow you to see the geolocation of the husband’s phone on the mapwhen he does something with his phone:

  • the function “Use GPS to determine the location with the active screen” - will allow check husband’s phone when he turns it onto call / write.
  • “Automatically turn GPS GPS on and off when SMS” function - this mode will show where the husband iswhen SMS messages come to him. As soon as an SMS message arrives, the location of the phone is immediately displayed on the map.
  • function "Automatically turn on and off GPS on phone calls" - here you will know where is the husband when they call him. Those. with any incoming / outgoing call, GPS will turn on (if it was disabled on the phone) and display the device on the map.

You need to know that commands and data are transmitted only over the Internet. Therefore, if you send a command, the Internet must be connected to the phone at this point in time. It is possible to send commands without the Internet using SMS commands, but they are paid and can be seen on the phone.

Method 2. How to track husband’s calls by phone number

Before tracking her husband’s calls by phone number, you need to know exactly which version of Android is on his phone. If Android is lower than version 8, then calls will be recorded without root rights and automatically transferred to your account. You can go into the office at any time convenient for you and listen to them. If Android 9 and 10, then calls will be recorded only with root rights.

The fact how to trace husband’s calls by phone numberThe following screenshots show very well.

Can be set to "record everyone"And then you will receive records of all telephone conversations. If you do not need all the calls in a row, then it is possible to limit the list of recorded calls.

If you are not interested in conversations, for example, at work or at home, then you can check the “Record all but the list"And there indicate numbers not interesting for wiretapping. And you can also trace the husband’s calls by phone number only to those that interest you - by setting "Record from list only».

Method 3. How to track down husband’s correspondence by phone number

Now that how to track husband’s correspondence by phone number from social networks and instant messengers. Today we intercept text messages from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and KateMobile for VKontakte.

You need to tick off the applications on which you want to see. Attention! You will see even messages deleted after reading - the program copies them and sends them to the office and then it doesn’t matter anymore, husband removes correspondence from his phone or not.

Method 4. Video surveillance by telephone number for husband’s correspondence

If for some reason you can’t root your husband’s phone and give root rights to our application when you configure it, then a unique function will come to your aid - screenshots - allowing you to see the correspondence almost online.

Automatic screenshots (screenshots) from husband’s phone - This is a unique opportunity without Root rights to see everything that the husband wrote on his phone. These are instant photos of what is currently on the phone’s monitor. Screenshots can be set at least every 5 seconds, at least for certain applications.

How to take screenshots from the husband’s phone in detail is written in great detail here..

This is the same video surveillance by the telephone number of the husband’s correspondence - the ability to get screenshots every 5 seconds and read the correspondence in almost real time.

Method 5. How to find out where the husband is by phone number - record the environment

Now we will tell you how to find out where the husband is by phone number. To do this, there is a function "Record environment". Environment Record - allows you to record ambient sound through a microphone. You can use the environment record in different ways:

  • discover, what the husband says after the call - You can set environment recording after making a phone call, for example within 30 seconds. Then, as soon as the husband speaks with someone, you can hear his remark about this call;
  • send “Start sound recording” command from the office (for example, for 2 hours) - you will hear everything that the husband says with the people around him (in the car, office, room);
  • establish a record of the environment by period - for example, while he is in the office. The microphone will automatically turn on at this time, keep a record of the environment and also automatically shut off. And it doesn’t matter whether the Internet is on the phone at this time or not.

We presented you really reliable and proven 5 ways to track your husband by phone number without consent.

How to find a husband by phone number through your Android phone

Now about how to find a husband by phone number through your phone. You can enter the office on the site from any device - computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. But it happens that you don’t have a PC at hand or you don’t want to go to the site every time, enter your login name to get into your office.

Our developers took care of how to find a husband by phone number through their Android phone - for this you need install on your phone (which you carry with you) - the mobile version of the Client’s account.

There is only one condition that you should know before you find a husband by phone number through your phone - your phone must be on the Android operating system. It will not work to install the “Client” on the iPhone; it works only on Android.

How to track your husband by phone number for free

If you do not know how to track your husband by phone number for free, then go to the main page of the site and see:

  • registration is free;
  • downloading the installation file is free;
  • test 3 days - free.

Remember that you can track your husband by phone number for free only on our official website. If you will be charged money for the above actions - be careful - you are on the scam site!

Now you know how to find your husband by phone number - for this you need to install the Reptilicus application on his phone.

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